Keep Your Loved One With You With Cremation Jewelry

After you have cremated a loved one, you may want to take a part of your loved one with you. Cremation does not actually leave ashes behind. Instead, it leaves behind bone fragments that are pulverized. One way to keep your loved one with you is through specialized jewelry such as a cremation ring. Cremation Rings The ring comes with a cavity that is hidden by a piece that is held in place by a screw.

How To Display An Urn For A Memorial Service

When planning a memorial service for a loved one who chose cremation, you may want to have the urn present and on display. This can be a way to give the bereaved some small comfort when a casket will not be involved. Here are a few options for creating a touching display featuring the urn. Urn Altars Your funeral home may have an urn altar available for use at a memorial service.

3 Unique Ways To Personalize A Funeral

Losing a loved one is never easy. Planning a funeral service that allows you to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away provides you and your family with the opportunity to process your grief and attempt to find closure. If you want your loved one's funeral service to be as unique as he or she was in life, here are three simple ways that you can personalize their funeral proceedings in the future.

Is Direct Cremation The Right Choice For Your Loved One?

If a loved one of yours recently passed and you are in charge of making the funeral arrangements, you have some big decisions to make in the coming days. If the deceased wished to be cremated, then one option you can consider is called direct cremation. Here's a closer look at what this option entails and the benefits it offers. What is direct cremation? Direct cremation is when the body is cremated very soon after death without first being embalmed.

Hosting A Celebration Of Life Ceremony After Cremation

One of the many benefits of choosing cremation for a loved one is that you have the freedom and flexibility to host a memorial service that works for everyone in your family. That includes giving everyone time to fly in for the memorial and prepare eulogies or tribute videos. With a little planning and the help of your funeral home director, you can host a celebration of life ceremony that truly honors your loved one.