Finances And Funeral Planning: Things You Need To Know Before You Go

A lot of people put off pre-planning their own funeral because they do not like to face the morbidity of the idea, but more people avoid going for funeral planning consultations because they are under the impression that they will have to take on another bill. These concerns about financing a funeral could easily get in the way of you ever doing the right thing and laying out your plans in advance, and that is definitely not something you want to leave to your family members once you are gone. Here is a list of finance-related matters you should know about so you can feel more comfortable about planning your funeral in advance. 

There are multiple ways to pay for a funeral service. 

Planning your own funeral does not mean you will be expected to make a full payment in advance. Not only will most funeral homes work with you, there are numerous financing options to consider. You could:

  • designate part of your retirement fund to pay for the funeral
  • obtain a suitable life insurance policy 
  • seek a low-interest loan from a finance company or bank
  • use a credit card to pay part of the bill 

In addition, you may be able to work out a low- or no-interest payment plan with the funeral home. 

Paying for a funeral can be a group crowdfunding effort. 

Crowdfunding is a popular idea for all kinds of endeavors, and a lot of people put up crowdfunding sites when a loved one passes away unexpectedly and they need help covering the costs of a funeral. There is nothing saying you cannot raise money for your own funeral service before you actually pass on. Consider setting up a private crowdfunding page to ask for small donations to help you cover the costs of your own funeral if you have no other options. This can be especially helpful if you have certain expensive things you want to be done at your funeral. 

You may have other options available to help. 

Did you know that some states offer a small payment for the funeral services of those who are on Medicaid, who are disabled, or who are indigent? Did you know that some of your funeral costs could be covered if you are a veteran? There are some people who will get help paying for a funeral upon their death because they meet certain criteria, so make sure you check on the programs available in your state before you go to make your own funeral plan.