Mausoleums, Headstones, And More: Options For Memorializing A Loved One

Are you looking for ways to memorialize your deceased loved one? Whether you are traditional or modern, or a bit of both, there's something for you.

The good news is that you can carry the memory of your loved one beyond the burial site. You can absolutely have their memory all around you as you go about your daily business. Here are a few creative ideas on how to do that.

Mausoleums and Headstones

You can have the doors windows, and exterior walls of the mausoleum etched with images of your loved one. You could even create a sculpture of the same. Customize your headstones with photos, significant emblems, and personalized epitaphs.

Custom Grave Plaques

A custom grave plaque can be a small memento with a custom message that is placed on or near the headstone. It is a more affordable option for customizing a memorial or adding new information to a headstone later on.

Special Identity Memorabilia

Instead of the traditional urn, your loved one's ashes can be preserved in the form of something that reflects their identity. For example, if your loved one was a musician, their ashes can be compressed into a record with their voice recorded on it. 


Write, draw or paint something that will help you to remember your loved one. You could consider preserving their handwriting on fabric or other surfaces. For example, if your loved one loved cooking, you could preserve their recipes on an apron or table linen. You could also get a tattoo in their memory.

Build Something

Build something in your home or backyard to remind you of your loved one. For example, if your loved one was fond of barbecues, you could build a fire pit in your backyard, in their memory. A plaque, stone or even a tree in your backyard with your loved one's name could also work.

Memorial Stones

You can have a selection of condolence messages written on small stones. You can then keep the stones at home in a display cabinet.

Photo Quilt

This is original! Have photos of your loved one printed on fabric which you will then use to make a quilt, pillows, or even drapes.


Custom made jewelry is a unique way of memorializing loved ones, especially because you will be wearing them on your body. Examples include pendants inscribed with fond words, lockets with photos of your loved one and custom-made bracelets.

Photos and Photo Frames

Create a collection of your loved one's photos then frame and display them. You could also frame the photos with signatures and condolence messages.

When you lose your loved one, creativity may be the last thing on your mind. Let your funeral planning service assist you to memorialize your loved one in lasting ways. Contact a company like An Thiel Monuments for more information and assistance.