Planning An Anniversary Memorial Service

For some families, hosting an anniversary memorial service provides a way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed. It can also provide continued healing as your family copes with the loss. With the help of your funeral home director, you can plan an anniversary memorial service that uplifts your family and friends while paying tribute to your loved one. Here are a few options to consider as you plan this unique type of memorial service:

Choosing A Date

For an anniversary memorial service, you may want to choose a date that is important to your family. It may be the anniversary of the date your loved one passed, or it might be his or her birthday. Of course, the date doesn't have to be any of these; it could be a service held around the holidays when all of your family is already gathered together. Because there are no rules for this type of service, you can choose the date that is most meaningful to your family.

Choosing A Venue

There are many different options to choose from when selecting a venue for this type of memorial service. You can opt to have it in a funeral home for a more formal feeling, or you can host it in a private dining room at a local restaurant. Some families choose to have this type of memorial service at the cemetery as a way of paying respects while also remembering the life the dearly departed led. If you are unsure about where to host the service, ask your funeral home director for some other suggestions.

Choosing The Service

When planning an anniversary memorial service, you have a lot of freedom to set up the events of the day. For a memorial at a local restaurant, you can simply enjoy a meal with your family and raise a glass to your loved one. You may choose to have several people share a few words before the meal starts, and you can further customize this idea by serving the foods that your loved one liked the best. If you choose to conduct the services at the funeral home, you may choose to have a butterfly or dove release along with a prayer service. At a funeral home, you may choose to have people read eulogies or share favorite memories of your loved one.

Talk to local funeral homes about planning this type of memorial service, and work together to create an event that truly honors the memory of your loved one.