Keep Your Loved One With You With Cremation Jewelry

After you have cremated a loved one, you may want to take a part of your loved one with you. Cremation does not actually leave ashes behind. Instead, it leaves behind bone fragments that are pulverized. One way to keep your loved one with you is through specialized jewelry such as a cremation ring.

Cremation Rings

The ring comes with a cavity that is hidden by a piece that is held in place by a screw. This allows you to keep a part of your loved one with you always. The compartment is also large enough that you can keep other things with you, such as a few strands of hair. There are no rules for how you should wear a cremation ring, with some loved ones replacing a wedding band with the cremation ring. Another common decision is to wear the cremation ring as a promise ring. In this case, it would be worn on the right ring finger. 

The great thing about cremation jewelry is that your loved one's ashes will be encased in a piece of art that can capture the essence of the individual's life. The jewelry can be made with gold, silver, pewter, titanium, platinum, maple, walnut, oak, glass, brass or many other materials.

Cremation Necklaces, Lockets And Pendants

An alternative to a cremation ring is a cremation necklace, locket or pendant. This is mostly a matter of taste, but it may not work for some individuals because it can be an occupational hazard. 

Caring For Cremation Jewelry

Cremation jewelry should not be worn in water. There is a risk that water can cause the seal to weaken and may cause the ashes to be washed out. If the jewelry does become wet, make sure to wipe it off quickly. Instead of cleaning your jewelry with water and soap, clean it using a lint-free cloth. Avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your ring or necklace. 

You could keep your loved one in an urn. However, keeping a small part of your loved one with you is a constant reminder of him or her. For instance, whenever you are looking in the mirror, you can see your necklace that contains the remains. Also, the jewelry can stand the test of time by becoming an heirloom that can be passed down from generation to generation. While there are many options for handling the remains after cremation services, cremation jewelry should be considered.