How To Display An Urn For A Memorial Service

When planning a memorial service for a loved one who chose cremation, you may want to have the urn present and on display. This can be a way to give the bereaved some small comfort when a casket will not be involved. Here are a few options for creating a touching display featuring the urn.

Urn Altars

Your funeral home may have an urn altar available for use at a memorial service. This  will have space for the urn as well as small flower arrangements, In some cases, you may also be able to place candles on the , which can be used by mourners to pay their respects to the dearly departed. The altar should be placed where a casket would typically go in a funeral service.


For a more simple approach, consider placing the urn on a small pedestal. You can place wreaths on stands on each side, or you can use slightly shorter pedestals to display traditional funeral flower arrangements. Consider hanging a wreath just under the top of the pedestal to accent the urn. Your funeral home should have a pedestal available for you, or you can purchase one that you feel provides the perfect touch for the memorial service.

Military Honors

If your loved one was a member of the military, you can create a tribute to his or her service with the urn as the centerpiece. You can use an urn altar for this idea, or you can use a simple table. Place the flag given to the family in front of the urn, and display a portrait of your loved one in full military dress on the side of the urn. If he or she earned a medal during service, you can display it in a frame opposite the portrait.

Funeral Arks

Funeral arks are essentially display cases for an urn, and they feature shelves on either side for displaying small floral arrangements. The arks have handles on either side, which allows pallbearers to carry the ark to a hearse if you are planning to inter the urn in a cemetery. You can typically rent the arks from your funeral home, or you may choose to purchase one that can be put on display in your home.

Talk to your funeral director about the different options available to display your loved one's urn at the memorial service, and create a beautiful way to honor his or her memory. For more information, contact companies like American Cremation Society.