3 Unique Ways To Personalize A Funeral

Losing a loved one is never easy. Planning a funeral service that allows you to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away provides you and your family with the opportunity to process your grief and attempt to find closure.

If you want your loved one's funeral service to be as unique as he or she was in life, here are three simple ways that you can personalize their funeral proceedings in the future.

1. Find creative ways to display photos.

Many people want to incorporate photographs of their deceased loved one into the decorations used at a funeral. These photographs help to show the individual's personality during their lifetime, and they help family members and friends remember precious moments fondly.

Rather than just creating an electronic slideshow or placing framed photographs on a table, make your loved one's funeral unique by creating a whimsical photo display. Tie photographs to balloons that float along the ceiling. Make wreaths out of your photographs. Consider using clothespins to fasten photos to a large frame filled with lengths of string.

These creative photo displays will help generate a unique atmosphere at your loved one's funeral.

2. Move the funeral outside.

Most people think that a funeral must be held indoors, but this isn't true. It is possible to honor your loved one in the outdoors, especially if he or she has opted for cremation. An outdoor funeral allows you to draw on the beauty of nature to help decorate the funeral space.

These outdoor funerals can be particularly fitting for individuals who enjoyed hiking, camping, or gardening while they were living. Be sure to ask your funeral home director if an outdoor funeral is a feasible option for your loved one.

3. Incorporate an open mic session into the program.

Most funerals feature surviving family members singing songs in tribute of a lost loved one or providing a eulogy detailing the deceased's life. If you want to ensure that everyone who holds fond memories of your deceased  loved one has the opportunity to express their feelings, you might want to consider incorporating an open mic session into the funeral program.

The open mic session allows anyone who wants to say a few words with the opportunity to address those gathered for the funeral. Distant relatives or friends who may not be included in the traditional program can offer tribute and find closure through an open mic session.

Making your loved one's funeral more personal doesn't have to be impossible. Try displaying photos in a creative way, moving the funeral outdoors, and incorporating an open mic session into the program to create a funeral that will honor a loved one who has passed in a unique and personal way.