A Quick Guide To Saving Money When You Are Pre-Planning Your Funeral

Given the cost of the average funeral and the emotional turmoil that your friends and family members are likely to experience when you pass away, one of the most important actions you can take today is to pre-plan your funeral. However, doing so isn't always easy and there are a number of expensive and binding decisions that you'll need to make. Fortunately, it's often possible to save money on your funeral costs and advice for doing so is discussed in the following sections. 

#1-Understand The Need (Or Lack Thereof) For Embalming 

Sadly, it is not unusual for people to spend more time investigating a new car or luxury appliance for the home than they do on funeral arrangements. With that being said, there are several facts you should know about funerals in the United States. For instance, the cost of embalming can be significant and often varies quite a bit from one funeral home to the next. 

Even though most people who have opted to be buried have chosen to be embalmed, there is no law requiring embalming in most situations. It is important to allow for the fact that if you choose not to be embalmed, your funeral and burial will need to occur very soon after your death. In that instance, you'll need to make sure that the funeral home with whom you will be working has an appropriate refrigerator for your needs.

#2-Choose The Casket You Need, Which Might Not Be The Units That Are Suggested To You

It is easy to forget that although the majority of the people who work in funeral homes are probably in the field because of a desire to help grieving family members achieve closure and to provide dignity after death, at the end of the day, profit needs to be made. As a result, there are likely to find luxury caskets, plain pine boxes and many choices in between the two. Therefore, it can be quite frugal to see numerous models and get paperwork on each unit or take notes and photos about the different caskets before committing to any of them.

That is because it is frequently possible to procure your casket from another vendor at a better price. That can be especially helpful if you are not opting for an all-inclusive package from the funeral home. Don't allow yourself to get caught up in the planning and buy something as important and expensive as a casket without being sure that its appearance, functionality, and cost will all meet your needs. 

#3-Ask About Guaranteeing Today's Prices For Your Eventual Final Arrangements

One of the biggest advantages to pre-planning your own funeral actually relates to the cost of doing so. For instance, you might be surprised to know  that in recent years, the rate of inflation for funeral costs has exceeded the cost of inflation experienced in other markets. Therefore, choosing and paying for your final arrangements today and choosing a funeral home that is willing to maintain today's paid-in-full costs until the time that you need it can permit you to save a significant amount of money.

If you choose that option, you should get all of the details, including the price guarantee, in writing. It will then be helpful to keep a copy at home and provide your attorney or trusted person with another copy. Alternatively, you could leave the second copy in a safe deposit box at your bank, as long as you are sure that your loved ones can access it when the need arises.              

In conclusion, leaving your friends and family members in the unenviable position of planning your funeral can be emotionally and financially difficult for them at that vulnerable time. Therefore, in recent years many people have chosen to make their own final arrangements in advance, including paying for their arrangements. If that sounds like something you should do, it's best to be aware of the tips shared above. For more information, contact a service like Fletcher Funeral Home PA .