Funeral Flower Ideas When A Young Person Passes

Sending flowers is one way to pay your respects at a time of loss, but what about when the deceased is very young? Flowers are always fitting and appreciated, but send something a bit different when it is to honor a child or young person.

Some ideas to inspire your funeral flowers include:

Musical motivations. If you want to honor a student who played in a band or someone who enjoys music, talk with your florist about a musical instrument-themed wreath. These are often seen shaped like guitars or horns, but the sky is the limit and it is likely that you will find something suitable. Consider a standing wreath shaped like a musical note, for instance.

Angling arrangements. If the deceased enjoyed fishing, ask florists for an angler- themed arrangement. These floral designers can often reproduce the look of a fishing rod, a bobber, or the big catch of the day in a tasteful and fitting floral display.

Sports-themes. Sports lovers should be tribute with something that reflects this passion. Florists may be able to replicate team jerseys, balls, or team colors when creating your arrangement. Also, consider tucking a sports item in a spray or arrangement, such as a baseball mitt.

Some symbols. Create something with a symbolic meaning, like a pair of angel wings, a butterfly, or a religious cross. Perhaps ask about a display the echoes the looks of an American flag, if the young person was in the military or had aspirations to join the armed services.

Their monogram. Ask florists to make a funeral wreath extra special by shaping it to form the monogram of the young person being memorialized. These should be arranged to stand on a wire easel for best visibility. These are dignified and tasteful, and they are quite striking when placed near a site of interment.

A teddy bear. A teddy bear is a popular choice for infants and toddlers; use this same concept and have a small bear tucked in a more conventional arrangement. This often represents someone who passed too young and who lost out on some of their youth.

Food-stuff. When a young person passes, it is often fitting to send flowers that reflect some of their interests and habits in life. For example, food-themed arrangements are perfect for someone who loved burgers and fries or that was known for their big appetite.

It is heartbreaking to lose someone in the prime of life; show your respects with the perfect floral arrangement for their funeral. Use these ideas to inspire your own creation or talk with your florist about some other distinctive ideas to pay homage to the individual and to represent some of their personal attributes. 

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