Eight Touching Trinkets To Pay Tribute At The Grave Of A Loved One

When you lose someone that you love, it can be cathartic to visit the grave or site of interment. It is also soothing to leave something special behind, such as an item, object, or trinket that signifies something connected to the deceased.

Eight trinkets that can be left to pay tribute at a grave site are:

  1. A coin. Coins have a lot of significance when left on a grave. Leaving a coin on the grave of a serviceman is a centuries-old tradition.
  2. A seashell. A shell can make a statement about the deceased; either they liked to spend time on the water or they were a water-sign. Often-times, leaving a seashell on a grave is just an organic way to remind others of the visit.
  3. Stones. Leaving a stone on a grave also has an underlying meaning; some believe that leaving a stone on a grave prohibits the spirit of the deceased from rising-up to haunt others. Jewish faith holds that a stone is a simple gesture and reminder of the visit. 
  4. A ribbon. There is an underlying meaning for ribbons of all colors, and leaving a ribbon on a grave is a subtle and meaningful alternative to flowers.
  5. Photos. Consider laminating a small photo to leave on the grave site. There are also some clever lockets that hold and protect pictures, but that are made for spots like a grave.
  6. Notes. Leave a note for the person that has passed. If the family has a time capsule of some sort on the plot, leave them there; if not, simply roll, tie with a ribbon, tuck in a plastic bag or bottle, and leave on the grave.
  7. A memory jar. With family's consent, it is nice to leave a memory jar at a grave, which is basically a jar for notes and messages from those who visit. These make touching keepsakes for the family, too.
  8. A miniature. Leave a tiny touch of whimsy on a grave with a dollhouse miniature. Shop online or at craft stores to find small objects that represent the essence of the deceased. For instance, buy and leave a tiny typewriter for a writer or a tiny muffin-tin for someone who loved to bake.

These eight trinkets can possess a meaning and connection when visiting the interment site of someone who has passed. Consider leaving your own sentiment behind, either tucked neatly behind or near the headstone or marker. Create your own tribute through one of these eight symbolic trinkets. Talk with your funeral services specialist about more ideas to honor your loved one.