Tasteful Landscaping Ideas For Your Family's Funeral Plot

Remember loves ones by keeping their burial plots and graves landscaped and maintained. Whether you are marking a spot to hold an urn of cremains, or if you are looking for ways to give the family plot some style and dignity, landscaping can add and enhance the site immensely. Talk with local cemetery associations or churches to determine if there are any limits or restrictions on the property in terms of landscaping.

Some ideas for a tasteful burial plot include these suggestions:

Sophisticated stone memorial.

Border the space that will house your loved one's cremains with concrete pavers, found at most discount and home improvement stores. Pull up weeds or roots, and cover the area with sand first, and then gravel or other stone aggregate material. Grade the surface until it seems level, and pot plants in concrete planters to add some green to the elegant space.

Sweet and simple sentiments.

Cover the burial plot with grass seed or sod and turf to create a lush, green lawn. Border with hardy, low-growing flowers, such as begonia, impatiens, and marigolds, and add mulch. This is a simple design that will be easy to maintain and accent as necessary for the changing seasons.

Final fabulous flaunt.

Guide visitors to the final resting place by using stone pavers and tiles to create a meandering path to the spot, if feasible. Use these same tiles to border the space, and till the earth in the middle. Add a layer of sand and fill in with white quartz aggregate, available at most garden retail venues, for a majestic, sophisticated plot.

Natural grass and grace.

Melding the burial site in with the natural surroundings is peaceful and serene, and there are some ways to contain cremation remains beyond burial that might not disturb the natural landscape. Some businesses offer to integrate cremains in concrete to create unique and stunning memorial stones, benches, and figures. These would suit a space bordered in tall grass and wild flowers.

Majestic Canadian Maple.

Nothing speaks to Canadian loyalty as much a the regal Maple tree. A symbol of the country, this tree is a powerful and dramatic way to remember and acknowledge a life lived. Plant small maple saplings to border the site, but check with governing bodies to ensure the trees are permitted on the property.

Maintaining a loved one's funeral plot is one of the clearest ways to remember, respect, and honor those that have passed. Take time to landscape the spot with these easy and affordable ideas.  

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